You don’t want to look back in regret!

Right? I bet that’s why you’re here. 

You have a goal or dream you deeply want to pursue or maybe you’ve taken a few notable online courses and realized you put the cart before the horse and now you’re ready to crystalize your business strategy and put your investments to the best use.

Living on your terms is the greatest gift a woman can give herself and that’s why entrepreneurship appeals to so many creative multi-passionate women. 


Developing and marketing a business to replace existing income or supplement family income is a lifestyle commitment.  The work is deep and constant.

Your current goals might feel out of reach but, the truth is you already have everything you need to forge your path and prosper. No one said it would be easy. But, you’re worth fighting for because, through the journey you’ll grow and build confidence in sharing your natural gifts. After all, you are building your unique business to make a better life for yourself and family.


Believing in yourself is not enough!

I won’t lie to you…the mental game of starting and growing a business takes a ‘stealth mindset’ and self-discipline. Sometimes, we have to clear limiting beliefs first before we can work on business — this is why I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all coaching blueprints. Coaching is an organic process that requires warming to the core issue and real solutions. I’m passionate about helping you hone in on what acutely gets in your way. Honesty is essential to change.


“I felt really lost and lacking clarity about what to focus on, what next steps to take. I felt really insecure about my business and the services I offer.

My goal was to gain clarity and direction about what next steps to take in my business and I also had the goal of figuring out what services to offer.

I followed all the big name internet marketers and felt pretty lost about what I needed to be doing. I watched webinar after webinar and bought course after course.

Talking with Teresa was soothing and affirming. I helped me see how far I have come in my business all on my own and showed me really clear steps that I can take to make some big positive changes. She also pointed out some things I’ve been doing to sabotage myself.

Teresa asked me questions that really helped me to explore how I serve others. I was able to see very clearly how I have been not valuing what I do. I gained clarity about how I am able to help people.

I have actionable steps that I can put in my planner and get them done with confidence that I am on the right track. I am getting ready to get on Periscope for the first time. I am preparing my topics. I am thinking about what kind of content to post on facebook. I am going to create boundaries in my fb group in my paid program. I feel peace of mind. I feel calm and collected and like a mama on a mission. I have a path laid out before me.”

Jessica Bentson, Happy Parent & Toddler Facilitator

Laura-sm“Teresa, really opened my eyes to see what I HAVE accomplished and see myself and my business (“my baby”) with so much renewed love and sense of all I have built, so far — and where it can go! Also, as a mom, I love working with a coach that understands that part of my experience. I really needed this support — what do I want, who do I really want to reach, what do I want to say? What’s getting in the way of that clarity and blocking the flow.”

-Laura Volpintesta, Founder, Fashion Illustration Tribe 


Tools and marketing are skills anyone can learn with the right teacher.

Anyone can learn how to build a website, create a header, write powerful copy and share their business on Live Streaming! You don’t need every tool in cyberspace to succeed. You need to determine what fits and will work for you. Taking conscious strategic steps towards your goals. That’s the fun part. That’s where women often discover their love for tech, or their ability to write really well or new inspiration surfaces around visual marketing. 

Helpers are essential to success. When you surround yourself with people who can relate to your challenges and stand by you, you set yourself up to WIN. 

I want to be the one that helps you find your way and experience the JOY of developing a business that reflects who you are with tools that fit without overwhelm and confusion!

Heather Rolinski


“I shifted my focus from serving a business segment I thought would be a good fit to one that is more aligned with my interests and values. I was going to go down a path just because it aligned to my experience. But it was not a customer segment I was particularly interested in or passionate about. I also got clarity on others area of my life and prioritizing self-care and relationships over driving so hard in my career.”

-Heather Rolinski, Social Cause Business Strategist 


When we work together, your vision and challenges are met with energy and enthusiasm bringing harmony and clarity to the table.

I look into your eyes, ask you to speak your truth and acknowledge what you really want for your life. 

Results matter! 

I help you determine WHAT actions to take, WHEN to take them and HOW to take them WITH RESULTS IN MIND!  Really, I’m helping you get out of your own way, declare what you want and plan your path of progress. Collaboration, not a one-size-fits-all blueprint! I don’t believe in that.

To be in business means investing in your business so you can  grow, effectively share your value and prosper.

I offer a blend of ‘heart soul and tech’ merging your passion and core values with ESSENTIAL business tools. I believe in common sense business principles blended with authentic social media marketing.

My goal is to empower you to lead your business with confidence.

If you’re ready to bridge the gap between where you are and what you want, it would be a honor to help you. I want you to experience something different specifically catered to your unique business and circumstances. Not a mainstream formula. 

If you are someone who…

IS creative at heart and ready to cultivate something new

THINKS outside the box

UNDERSTANDS action is a must!

And right now…

You know you have value to give and want help developing your business

You’ve had some success but, want to generate steady income

You’ve done some marketing courses that didn’t fit or you’re starting over


Clarity about your business mission and ideal audience

Confidence to speak to your audience across social platforms

Traction pointing to real income, less stress and more JOY

Testimonials from happy clients that trigger positive leads

Fulfillment with space for self-care, family and creativity.

If you’re looking for support with diverse life experience, maturity and online’ street-smarts, LET’S GET STARTED!

I’m direct, value humor and might drop an occasional F-Bomb, just to keep it real! 

It’s time to crush confusion, hit the ground running evolve your business and focus on winning! Your time is NOW!

If you’re ready to move forward and know going ‘PRO’ means getting out of your own way, let’s do this!

I’m committed to providing you with the most VALUE possible and what I’ve discovered is creative purpose driven women like yourself, appreciate and thrive best through accountability that is consistent and direct! In my experience, single coaching calls don’t fully support the care and attentiveness that passionate women, like you want. When you’re committed to building your business long-range, you recognize implementation, content creation and learning the nuances of technology require someone having your back!

It’s time to say YES to deep accountability, creative AHA’S and breakthrough clarity for the legacy you want to build! Indulging in an emotional breather from the do-it-yourself routine of solo-preneurship with support to help you crystallize your business foundation so you can hit the ground running with Clarity and Confidence! Let’s spend 5 amazing weeks together digging deep, laughing and putting your clear plans in motion. Prepare to be energized, get organized and enjoy quality support focused on results! What are you waiting for! Get out your calendar and Book Your 5-Week Biz Breakthrough NOW! 



A 5-Week Biz Breakthrough – Transform Your Business!