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If you’ve started building your business online, you’ve probably discovered it’s a lot more challenging than you anticipated. You’re not a quitter though and in your heart you’re ready to see your business to fruition because, you want the freedom and flexibility to live on your terms while building a nest egg for your family. You may have had enough working for other people, too. I totally get it!

The problem is your business isn’t generating the income you desire. You want to trust in your decision making, nail down a clear strategy that fits your family and lifestyle while making real progress towards your income goals. You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by which road to take, leaving you frozen without a clear plan! This is actually very common. 

You’ve experienced having paid clients so you know you have something viable to offer that people will actually buy but, you might be unsure how to structure your business like a pro with a cohesive plan to work from. You want to know what to do, when to do it and be able to aim towards specific income annually. All of this feels quite intense, even a bit scary but, you didn’t come this far to stop now!

You see other entrepreneurs online doing what they love and you want to take advantage of the opportunity to build wealth! You understand to really market your biz like a pro you’ll need to learn how operate your business with effective systems in place. You dream of create something sustainable you can truly be proud of.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start building while you still have a day job, a creative mom-preneur whose tired of going in circles not getting results or a serviced-based entrepreneur, eager to pivot her strategy and really get her social media plan in tact, I’ve got the business and life experience as well as online marketing skills, training and experience to help you get there!


I’m Teresa, (I go by ‘T’) and I’m a business coach for creative, service-based and specialty women entrepreneurs. 

I help women just like you, start and make money in their businesses.

I’ve spent years crystallizing my own craft to bring you…

~ Decades of experience working in both the cottage and professional industries, including entrepreneurship pre-internet.

~ A life long commitment to creativity, art exploration and practice of personal development and enrichment.

~ Extensive online marketing training with some of the top names in the industry

When you work with me you’ll experience…

~ professionalism with integrity and care

~ honesty rooted in foundational business principals that point towards results

~ a blend of heart, passion and accountability to help you make real progress towards your goals

As a business coach, my belief is that…

~ cultivating your self-expression is most valuable gift you could give yourself

~ women need to honor their lives and do what makes them happy no matter what

~ time is currency so we should spend it living our purpose

You’re ready to experience succeeding in your biz and I’m here to show you how!


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I can’t wait to speak with you!!