Money, Feeling Worthy and Enough

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This might sound weird, but right now we’re exchanging energy. You’re reading, I did the writing. But, it’s more than that. You most likely want or need a shift in your life-otherwise, you’d be doing something else.

You might want to feel any or all of the following:

  • clarity
  • creatively expressed
  • self-accomplishment
  • to feel whole and complete
  • happiness
  • fulfillment
  • healthy
  • empowered
  • loved and supported

YOU are not alone! I recently invited people to take a survey about what they wanted to feel if their challenges could be resolved, and the 3 most common answers were; Joy, Peace-of-Mind, and Confidence. No one said, “I want to feel rich.”

Fulfillment and accomplishment both speak to gratification for doing something we care about. Money is not the primary desire for our actions. But, we compromise what we really want to feel, in order to have ‘security’. We need money to survive but, money by itself does NOT inform who we are! It does not define us!

Trusting in ourselves speaks to fulfillment. Trusting in ourselves might include taking risks. Money is what we receive in exchange for energy. Money itself is energy.

What would make a difference in your life?

What isn’t happening, that privately tares at and saddens you?

What do you believe is blocking your actions?

Sometimes, we lack fulfillment by lack of permission. We’re afraid to admit to ourselves “I’m not okay with where my life is at, but I’m not sure how to change it.”  I experienced that in 2012, when I finally took a huge risk and left my stable income to renew my life purpose! This post is not an accident. My actions are deliberate. After eleven years of doing something that wasn’t fulfilling, the pull to seek and discover, was greater than staying the same. I saw my life fleeting and it scared me into action! I regret I waited so long and suffered silently. A decade of my life-VANISHED! We punish ourselves and insist on ignoring how we really feel (or really want to feel) because we’re taught to do X, Y and Z–without considering if it’s what we really want. Now, give yourself permission!

Action is motion. Motion is empowering.

Thinking leaves us stuck unless we take action!

What we seek is to EXPERIENCE life fully, without being judged. Being ‘ourselves’.

  • We want to help others
  • build and create things we care about
  • learn new things that enrich our lives
  • connect with like-minded people
  • make music
  • tell stories
  • design wearable art
  • write about stuff that matters to us

We want to do things that matter to us and receive the exchange of money. It’s okay to want that. You should. We all should. If it’s uncomfortable for you to say it, I invite you to say it to yourself every day. Getting comfortable with saying you want to receive the exchange of money for your energy, is how to reinforce your worthiness, and value you bring to the world. It’s a powerful statement that holds a magnetic vibration. I dare you to try it!!!

I’m “All IN”!  Investing my energy to build something I care about, helping people like you–AND I need to make money. I’ve invested several thousands dollars in personal and professional development to nourish my desire to feel confident and worthy and share my purpose! Investing in yourself is something you deserve.

When I gave up my steady income, I did so with the intention shift my source of income doing what I love! My family is counting on that. My heart and soul is working towards that. 

So, what’s next for you?

What is ONE action you can take right now towards the shifts you desire? I have a big one; it’s COMMIT. Commit to doing something different this year. Commit to taking action.

If you haven’t subscribed, please do. I have an exciting offer coming soon to help you move your life and desires forward.

Till then, REACH OUT- let me know what you’re struggling with. That would be one action you could take today that’s FREE.


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2 Responses to Money, Feeling Worthy and Enough

  1. Jeremy Mentz 02/24/2014 at 4:13 pm #

    “I want to receive the exchange of money for my energy” that’s powerful Teresa!

    Great writing, great subject matter… Thank you!

    Jeremy (fellow fizzler) Mentz

  2. Joan 01/27/2014 at 4:06 pm #

    Love the questions,” What would make a difference in your life?

    What isn’t happening, that privately tares at and saddens you?

    What do you believe is blocking your actions?” Great thoughts/questions!

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