Leaders, Time Sucks and Genuine Helpers

Hello from the beautiful Golden Gate~ I have a question for you… What if you could get unstuck and move forward right now, would you do it? I want you to know, you have an open invite to chat with me about your journey and what gets in your way. Reach out anytime and let’s […]

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The definition of clarity: 1. Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; Freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. 2. The state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye.   Ever watch paint dry? It can take awhile depending on the conditions. Cooler temperatures are ideal. So, what does drying paint have to do with Clarity? […]

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Transition Time Reds, Yellows and Blues

If you don’t like frequent change, being a solo biz owner might not be for you. Change is necessary and with an online business it can be hair raising at times. I’ve learned to let go and trust in myself, so long as I’m keeping appointments, and maintaining my values and integrity with clients, the […]

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Art of the Right Mindset

I want to live in a world where creative people feel empowered to honor who they are by being the fullest expression of themselves! By living and doing something that reflects their essence without inhibition or fear! By doing life in a way that nurtures their soul, feeds their lifestyle and enables the freedom they […]

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More Than a Half Stick of Gum

NO MORE HOLDING BACK! What we want is to be true to who we are. When we find ourselves playing the role of someone else, we feel trapped constricted and disengaged from what’s real. Wounds manifest when care is not applied. The spirit erodes when it’s not nurtured. So many people are lost because they weren’t […]

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